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NaPoWriMo #6
small human, they say
like it's something to be astonished about, something unusual
when they find me on top of an office chair, wheels unlocked
(a skill perfected years ago, really nothing to worry about, shoes on the floor)
or that time I climbed through a small window at work just to see if I could
(I could, with the ever faithfull help of a chair)
much to the amusement of my colleage
(no, I didn't tell my boss. I wonder if she heard anyway)
small human, a friend says
and hooks unto my hand as I lead the way through the crowds
(I always find my way through, there's always room for me)
or that time when we managed to get to the front row of a concert in ten minutes
(we can't do that! Yes, you can! But it's not fair! But how else will you be able to see anything? Oh.)
maybe I'll start to be adult when I don't act small anymore
when I don't just walk inbetween stuff my friends walk around
when I don't always find something to stand on
(I like the new perspective thre
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #5
The moment you realize
you've spent too much time
in the intangible digital pages
of easy and instant and endless
is when you reach the end
of the first chapter of a real book
and look for the review button.
(the hint you missed
was you dancing through the house
in exultant joy
at the feel of pages between your fingers)
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #4
the fear of falling
and then
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
NaPoWriMo #3
loving is like breathing; unconsciously
its one part of the brain deciding that this, this is what we do now
and the other part scrambling to keep up, wait, how does this work
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
NaPoWriMo #2
there's something sad about snow
that something once so soft can turn so sharp
(no, don't be fooled, even the softest snows can smother you)
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #1
spring comes with summer taunts
sunshine and warmth and bloom
before turning back to winter
cold winds and grey tones
we want the sun so much 
its promises fool us every year
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 3
  L I F E
... fitting
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
T'was his world.
She planted rainbows.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 5 5
Theme Prompt: Hope
Hope makes us...
she whispered.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 12 6
Word Prompt: Wanted Never
        You wanted
never                 to feel again.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
Versicolor Project: Amber
Ancient cage;
                   fist-hold of another age
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 1
Theme Prompt: Clocks
Clandestine mechanics
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 5 2
Theme Prompt: Push
Just once
     the Edge
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 2
Word Prompt: His Hand
The hand was not his.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
Versicolour Project: Garnet
Blood didn't suit her silken hands.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 1
Versicolor Project: White Milk
p o r c e l a i n
    s  k  i  n
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 2

Random Favourites

Darling I have killed.
Tortured? That as well.
I have caused endless pain,
shoved down your throat a taste of hell.
A disease within the mind,
that you simply can't forget.
A simple insecurity,
but you're too proud to admit.
But, darling, I have saved;
fading the worst of scars.
As they threw you into jail,
I helped you slip right past the bars.
Sleep to a weary soul,
sight to the blindest eye.
Now, Darling, can you answer me this:
What am I?
Searching so restlessly,
What are you to do?
Quit looking up and down,
I'm right in front of you.
:icontruthistruth:TruthisTruth 16 94
I wanted to write something more than words.
I wanted to let them flow like rivers, and wrap their delicate
bodies in an italic font. I wanted to send tears down your
cheeks, and describe them as diamonds.
Oh, how I wanted to call them diamonds.
I wanted you to hear violins in the background, and
see my words as only the clearest of photographs.
I wanted to write poetry that danced like flames
in that dirty old wood burner I have in the basement,
so that you would focus on what was happening inside
instead of the filth that lay on the surface. I wanted to
bring up memories of old, hidden beneath your smiles
and your scowls.
I wanted to use words as lassos, pulling you into my
warm embrace. I wanted to use them as the beautiful
things they are.
If only they didn't fall short.
So tell me, love,
    Do you have any diamonds for me yet?
:icontruthistruth:TruthisTruth 19 23
Running down fields of blue,
No one ever told me they were supposed to be green.
:icontruthistruth:TruthisTruth 8 4
Banishing Reality
I don't want your scars,
and I don't want to bleed.
   I don't want dusty dressers and tangled hair holders,
 hardback text books on top of paperback treasures.
     Because the truth is this:
pain isn't beautiful.
I want your ideas,
and I want your stories.
   I want dragon guarded castles and enchanted forests,
 magical potions and knights with broadswords.
    And I will never,
apologize for it.
:icontruthistruth:TruthisTruth 50 40
glass bones and paper skin
She had always been a smidgen short
of something whole and he was never
broken to begin with.
Except sometimes they sort of were
entirely, irreparably, miserably, broken.
Where are you going?
Where are you going, where I can't follow?
And that, she finds for all of her brilliance and prodigal logic,
is something she couldn't answer.
It sort of scares her, a little,
when she thinks about it at night.
Especially when there's no one to see her,
and the only thing that touches her
is the inky darkness of her room.
Other things scare her too.
The thought of her name sprawled across a grave,
broken beyond repair. Yet, he is her line to humanity;
His smiles are her air.
He is all essence.
Yet, he bothers her in a way she didn't know
she could be bothered. They were oil and water;
open but couldn't fit.
She wonders if that's how he felt about it.
He still is everything, prodding at her mind.
He will always be everything.
Because he reminds her.
He reminds her of who she was before she was
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 24 15
On strength
A sunlit cobweb -
only the spider knows
       how many times 
       it broke
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 30 31
It reminds me
of you,
perfect mystery
I still don't know
how to swim.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 36 35
In the darkest hour
when the strong ones cry -
press your ear to my ear
we'll sing the song
of our cracked hearts
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 27 14
It took
the sound of a tear
and one last step
toward that darkness
I kept calling light.
Now I know,
my heart is a desert-
you are
just another mirage.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 20 11
Theory of Chaos
There is
a quantum of cruelty
in the way your feet
touch the ground,
not wanting to be heard
even though I asked
to please wake me up,
to please let me know
if you are leaving.
There is
a quantum of cruelty
in the way your lips
pronounce a new name
where mine once belonged
even though I'd hoped
a broken heart
would not break
I feel
a quantum of anger
when I try to believe
you never intended
to cut so deep
even though I knew
if you were a butterfly
I could only be waiting
for the hurricane.
You will see
a quantum of sorrow
in the fire pit of my iris,
when you’ll dare to look closer
at your wonderful disaster
even though I’m watching you
walking away with my smile,
I cannot bring myself to say
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 36 52
Aging Reference sheet by Kibbitzer Aging Reference sheet :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 10,712 209 The Nereid by Firefly-Path The Nereid :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,374 30 Fly by jasric Fly :iconjasric:jasric 694 30
Whisper to the wind
pit-er, pit-er, pit-er, pat
The sound of wind on panes of glass;
a wild thing, rattling...
...but is this a cage, or shelter?...
Picks up higher,
calling louder...
...and is this a maze, or a path?...
If you listen closely,
you'll find answers
in the silence;
the inhalation
of the earth
that lets the wild wind
howl freely...
:iconangelstemptation:AngelsTemptation 6 4
Star Children
"I have heard rumors through the wind," said the circus star.  "The general has the North Star."
"That's impossible.  No one's been able to find her since the fall."
"Oh, yes, they have  The general has her.  And plans to keep her."
:iconelianoretta:elianoretta 3 2
to trust again.
You are not the solitude crested prairie you let on to be -
instead, you are restlessness
dancing in the sea bed,
storms that come to a rest
on a tampered shoreline.
You reflect sunshine against circumstance,
finding ways to breach the clouds,
escaping their trying hold.
I appreciate your seasons,
sense an understanding;
a belief of permanence –
a gentle tide that lulls,
softens to soothe edges,
encourages urchins and shells
generally unnoticed –
I will stay.
:iconwikita:Wikita 4 3


Human. Female. Somewhere in my 20's. Fond of nature, the written word and languages.


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