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NaPoWriMo #6
small human, they say
like it's something to be astonished about, something unusual
when they find me on top of an office chair, wheels unlocked
(a skill perfected years ago, really nothing to worry about, shoes on the floor)
or that time I climbed through a small window at work just to see if I could
(I could, with the ever faithfull help of a chair)
much to the amusement of my colleage
(no, I didn't tell my boss. I wonder if she heard anyway)
small human, a friend says
and hooks unto my hand as I lead the way through the crowds
(I always find my way through, there's always room for me)
or that time when we managed to get to the front row of a concert in ten minutes
(we can't do that! Yes, you can! But it's not fair! But how else will you be able to see anything? Oh.)
maybe I'll start to be adult when I don't act small anymore
when I don't just walk inbetween stuff my friends walk around
when I don't always find something to stand on
(I like the new perspective thre
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NaPoWriMo #5
The moment you realize
you've spent too much time
in the intangible digital pages
of easy and instant and endless
is when you reach the end
of the first chapter of a real book
and look for the review button.
(the hint you missed
was you dancing through the house
in exultant joy
at the feel of pages between your fingers)
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #4
the fear of falling
and then
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #3
loving is like breathing; unconsciously
its one part of the brain deciding that this, this is what we do now
and the other part scrambling to keep up, wait, how does this work
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
NaPoWriMo #2
there's something sad about snow
that something once so soft can turn so sharp
(no, don't be fooled, even the softest snows can smother you)
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
NaPoWriMo #1
spring comes with summer taunts
sunshine and warmth and bloom
before turning back to winter
cold winds and grey tones
we want the sun so much 
its promises fool us every year
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 3
  L I F E
... fitting
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 1 0
T'was his world.
She planted rainbows.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 5 5
Theme Prompt: Hope
Hope makes us...
she whispered.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 12 6
Word Prompt: Wanted Never
        You wanted
never                 to feel again.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
Versicolor Project: Amber
Ancient cage;
                   fist-hold of another age
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 1
Theme Prompt: Clocks
Clandestine mechanics
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 6 2
Theme Prompt: Push
Just once
     the Edge
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 2
Word Prompt: His Hand
The hand was not his.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 0
Versicolour Project: Garnet
Blood didn't suit her silken hands.
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 3 1
Versicolor Project: White Milk
p o r c e l a i n
    s  k  i  n
:iconsweetsandcharades:SweetsAndCharades 2 2

Random Favourites

More Conversations With Doc
“Have you heard any of the scripts on the radio yet?”
“You keep asking me this Doc. I think you’re getting Alzheimer’s. I don’t listen to the radio, remember? And when I do, it’s the classic rock station.”
“I would assume, if one is writing something to be on the radio, that one would start listening to the radio.”
“I don’t think the college station broadcasts all the way to Benton anyway. Besides, I’ve already heard it.”
“You know, Warren Zevon - he did Werewolves of London, you know that song?”
“You do?”
“Classic rock station, remember?”
“I’m surprised you know it. That’s an old song.”
“94.1 plays it all the time. . . . How old is it exactly?”
“Yeah, yeah, make me feel old."
“And he’s been very smug about being proved right about my project.”
“I a
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 15 29
I made a book. by SilverInkblot I made a book. :iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 16 13
Spring is the world's first breath.
Lady Spring:
so light is her footfall in the clover,
yellows blooming at her feet.
When the wind plays with her hair
she lets go her petals,
a butterfly among angels.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 18 10
Let’s meet again in an alternate universe
where your eyes are brown and I dyed my hair black
because I hated being a natural blue.
I’ll teach you to play guitar
and you’ll show me how to fly,
scholars caught in an intellectual love affair,
a tandem bike going nowhere.
I’ll know you by the gentleness
of your fingertips and you’ll need
no identifier but the slant of my handwriting,
because, world to world, some things don’t change.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 76 46
John Harrison by ladunya John Harrison :iconladunya:ladunya 321 66 John Harrison by swisidniak John Harrison :iconswisidniak:swisidniak 594 44 A Kettle and Some String - Doctor Who by Girl-on-the-Moon A Kettle and Some String - Doctor Who :icongirl-on-the-moon:Girl-on-the-Moon 464 47 What do I have to fear? by LetsSaveTheUniverse What do I have to fear? :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 179 52 Adorkable Bicep Curls by TheRealLittleMermaid Adorkable Bicep Curls :iconthereallittlemermaid:TheRealLittleMermaid 68 8 Hug this sunrise by ForestGirl Hug this sunrise :iconforestgirl:ForestGirl 740 142 Tears by ladynlmda Tears :iconladynlmda:ladynlmda 511 34 Labyrinth Ball Gown by Firefly-Path Labyrinth Ball Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 6,017 314
The Theater
curtains close, lights on
the stage is empty.                                                what
was magic reveals its greatest trick
and still we are sitting
waiting for the end.                                                we had
laughed and we cried
only when it’s over do we realize what                       was
true, what wasn’t
heroes become actors
the characters we know⎯
strangers we                                                          never
knew. out of sight,
they take off ornamental masks
and show who they                                                  truly
are. some drink to get drunk.
others in search for the next role
and still we come back for more.
why, we don’t really know
perhaps a desire to forget what is real
a willingness to believe
to fall in                                                                  love
with those who pretend to be
:iconyoursingingsatellite:yoursingingsatellite 9 13


Human. Female. Somewhere in my 20's. Fond of nature, the written word and languages.


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